Tesla FSD Begins the March of 9’s: Level 4 In 2024 and Level 5 in 2027

Tesla FSD, when first released, was very rough and difficult to use. The graphics are like a 1980s arcade game, and interventions and disengagements were numerous. Nevertheless, there were a large group of people that were excited about this technology that began to use it and give feedback to Tesla.

Here we are, May 2023 and Tesla FSD has gotten much better. Even though a driver must be present to use the technology, many say that it is on par with a Level 3 system. As a refresher, here are the 5 levels of autonomy.

1: Driver Assistance Software
2: Partial Driving Automation
3: Conditional Driving Automation
4: High Driving Automation
5: Full Driving Automation

I don’t see prices going up that high either – I think we are going to reach a place now where the prices remain fairly steady without large jumps in either direction. Earlier in the year, there were some major price cuts that created a huge spike in demand.

Now, things appear to be leveled off, with inventory slowly going down for the Model Y – which is Tesla’s most popular vehicle.

I own a Model 3 RWD from 2022 and this is still a very good vehicle. I do think the Model Y is a superior vehicle to it, however, price was definitely a factor in my decision and I like that I can charge to 100% regularly.

Do you think Tesla will keep raising prices?

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